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Hallmark provides new construction for site development and civil projects such as parks, pedestrian bridges, detention ponds and skateparks and is recognized for its expertise in concrete repair services, particularly in structural repairs to infrastructure componets. Working closely with engineers and owners Hallmark is able to help find long term solutions for common infrastructure problems that plague muncipalities with continual maintenance headches and costs.


Bridge Expansion Joints

Functioning expansion joints are the first line of defense to protect the structural foundation of a bridge. Hallmark has replaced numerous expansion joints in the Denver Metro area and knows that preparation of the concrete surfaces and proper placement of the armor are essential to longevity of the joint.

Structural Bridge Repairs

Damage to pier caps is not uncommon where the integrity of the expansion joints has been breached.  Hallmark has performed many repairs requiring jacking of girders, as shown, with removal and replacement of portions of pier cap.

Bridge Deck Repairs

Preparation of the concrete and rebar are essential to ensure a quality, long lasting repair. Hallmark has extensive experience from surface treatments to full depth deck replacement.

Infrastructure Repairs

Concrete repairs to bridges, dams, spillways, tunnels, water storage tanks, water treatment facilities are typical of projects that Hallmark performs.

Infrastructure Construction

Hallmark is experienced in new concrete construction as a subcontractor for construction of concrete features for dams, bridges, highways and other infrastructure projects. 

Skatepark Construction

Hallmark has constructed 8 skateparks on the Front Range including the nationally acclaimed Denver Skatepark that is over an acre of cast-in-place concrete with one bowl that features 3' vertical that drops into a 10' bowl.

General Contractors

Hallmark, Inc.

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