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Hallmark, Inc. was founded in 1991. Early on they were involved in the environmental remediation field and in 1998 made the full transition to civil construction. 

Hallmark's strength and reputation is vested in its founders. Howard Hall is a civil engineer and is registered Professional engineer in the State of Colorado. Robert Lawrence has a degree in Construction Management. Both have long careers in civil construction. The company was founded with the intent to provide quality as the underlying characteristic in all of our work. Thus, the name Hallmark.


In the early years Hallmark blended civil work with environmental remediation projects that included underground tank removals and hazardous waste remediation. Opportunities were seen in the civil construction arena and the transition was made in 1998. Since that time most of Hallmarks work has been for governmental agencies including the Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado Department of Transportation and the City and County of Denver as well as numerous other Metro Denver municipalities.


Hallmark actively participates in subcontracting opportunities on civil, heavy and highway projects within Colorado. With our expertise and highly skilled workers Hallmark always receives the highest praise from General Contractors not only for the quality of work performed but also for our ability to perform within the time constraints of the project schedule and with minimal oversight.

General Contractors

Hallmark, Inc.

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